Meet Bumfoot


This is Bumfoot, a pigeon who lives at the train station. He is incredibly friendly and has a habit of showing people his foot. Hence the name, Bumfoot. ((If you can’t tell, I’m terrible at naming things…))


I’m not sure what happened exactly but at some point, he broke his toes and they healed into a sort of rounded claw. It looks pretty bad.


But it seems he figured out how to garner sympathy with it, so upon meeting him, the first thing he’ll do is make sure you get a good look at it. He’ll heft his leg up (its not difficult as he avoids walking on it when possible) and spin on his good foot to show you all angles. Then he begins to coo.


Today was the first time I’ve seen him in a while. I was beginning to worry but he seems alright. While waiting for the train home, I shared my chips with him. He came up right next to me.  I know I probably shouldn’t feed him but I honestly feel sorry for him. ((The leg is mine.))


He even let me shoot a short video. If you happen to see this bird during your travels (he rides the Harlem Line) do say hello. He <will> respond to the name Bumfoot.

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