Fireworks Friday (pt2)


It’s Friday again, which means more fireworks.

These too were taken during the Fourth of July, using my phone, who I have nicknamed Nex-tan (can you guess what kind it is by the name alone?) and then screen captured in VLC player.


What can I tell you about fireworks, that I haven’t already said during my last F-Friday post? Well,  this is just personal opinion mind you, I think there should me more fireworks shows during the year for one. While I know they are pretty expensive, they are a great way to enhance a celebration. To my knowledge, I know of only two times a year that fireworks are used in the United States; the Fourth of July and New Years Eve. Think how brilliant it would be for there to me fireworks around, say, Christmas in Manhattan? Or just during the summer (maybe payed for by a few companies, with a bit of advertising thrown in?– I know I wouldn’t mind!)


I’m just saying it would be kind of cool.

Also, I wouldn’t mind lesser-grade (sparklers and the like) fireworks being removed from New York’s banned items list. That would be nice too.



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