Driving at Night


There’s just something so relaxing about taking an evening drive.


I, personally don’t have a licence (or even know how to drive for that matter), so brother is behind the wheel most times. But that’s actually very convenient for me, since I like to stare out the window anyway. As it stands, I’m not sure I ever will get a licence, since I  live near public transportation and plan to move overseas in a couple of years.


The best, however, is driving after 1 am, when almost no one is out. It reminds me of something you would see in a movie. Towns without people… for some reason that is just so fascinating to me.

These photos, on the other hand, were taken around 9 pm, as we were heading to the late night supermarket to return some cans*.


*For those who may not know, New York charges a 5 cent deposit (tax?) on all soda bottles and cans– I believe a lot of other states do as well– which can be recouped if you bring the item to a supermarket for recycling.



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