ginger kitty

This is my friend’s cat Ginger.

She is not an overly affectionate cat, but if you have food– or she even suspects you have food– she will try to become your best friend.

Originally, Ginger was a stray kitten that my friend’s siblings brought in. And as strays do, they will eat any and everything near them. Pork fried rice? Gone. Pancakes? You will have a fluffy kitten sitting on your lap covered in maple syrup. Bacon jerky? Her head is in the bag…

Just the other day she was making eyes at my brother, trying to get him to share his ice cream sandwich. So, when it didn’t happen, she hit me up for my bacon… which she did get a little tiny piece of (though not intentionally– let’s just say that her mouth opens wider than I thought…)

Then, she snuggles into a little ball on top of people’s crotches and falls asleep.

ginger 2


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