I walked by the lily patch again the other day.

Thankfully this time, I wasn’t running late, so I was able to take a few shots with my new phone. This area in particular has a high concentration of flowers, which by the looks of it, seems to be because a few of the surrounding houses grow them. This little side area seems to be abandoned for the most part, or so I assume, since the gate has been locked since I was a child (over 20 years ago) and I have never ever seen anyone sit on the benches inside.


For years, this little sitting area was consumed by ivy and not flowers. It seems that with each passing year, this block grows more and more flowers. At first it was just one or two plants about five houses down (or up, it depends, these building are built on a hill). Then, three houses had lilies. Now almost all of them have at least one or two of the flowers.


I wonder what will things look like in another couple of years…?


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