I tried my hand at making sushi for dinner the other night. It’s much harder than it looks, even after working in a sushi resturant for four years…

For ingredients, I went to a local Japanese supermarket and grabbed some sashimi/sushi-quality fish (about $7.50 worth of end pieces and minced scraps). I already had rice, seasoning (I made it myself– rice vinegar, sugar & salt), and nori (dried seaweed). With it I served home made miso soup.

The results didn’t look too beautiful, but they tasted very good. I made Salmon and Tuna makizushi (the roll type, most associated with sushi) and Tuna-scallion nigirizushi (the kind where a fish is place on top of rice). Mom was pleasantly surprised.


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2 thoughts on “Nigirizushi”

    1. Do you mean daido? No, this time I shopped at a place on Central called Nijiya Market (at four corners). But Daido has good fish too. I used to work at Daido.

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