Sweet Home

The house can be found in Central Park. According to a plaque near by, the house was imported Europe. When we went, entrance was prohibited, but next time I want to see inside.


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2 thoughts on “Sweet Home”

  1. Does someone live there? In Jasper National Park, there are cottages along one of the lakes. It is now illegal to put up a cottage and those owners are prohibited to sell them. They must stay withing the family until the 100 year lease on the land is up, then the National Park reclaims it.
    I wonder what type of fate or history this building has. I quite fancy myself living there!

    1. I don’t think anyone lives there, but I can be wrong. I sort of assumed that it was a recreational building made from an imported structure (they’ve imported old Japanese houses and re-conditioned them into resturants).

      If I get a chance to visit again, I’ll make sure to see if there’s any detailed information about the house’s history anywhere.

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