Turn onto Central

New York is awash in a sea of white and pink as the cherry blossoms continue to bloom. I plan to do a few location specific posts with pictures of this year’s blossoms for your enjoyment.

First is the turn off to Route 100 (Central Avenue) in White Plains, by the County Center. For those who know the area, you’ll recongnise it as being net to  the diner.

I don’t remember these trees blooming so spendidly in previous years, so I was surprised this year when I saw the sheer amount of blossoms. Usually this time of year is much cooler (especially in White Plains) so there is only a short period of flowers before the trees go green.

Between the train station and the County Center (and continuing along the road) are long islands dividing traffic lanes filled with cherry blossom trees. I would guess-timate the path to be about a quarter mile long so that give the idea of there being a lot of tees. I can only wonder how much further towards Terrytown the trees continue.


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