Cherry Blossoms (Pt. 1)

The cherry blossoms are blooming once again. I love this time of year.

Recently I was able to take some pictures of my second favorite flower (my first being the dogwood) and I was not disappointed. All through Manhattan, Yonkers, and White Plains the streets are lined by white and pink.

It’s almost like over night they bloomed. A few days ago I remember there just being the little lumpy buds starting to form on the branches.

I don’t remember them blooming so early though. I wonder if it’s because of the unusually mild winter we had this year. The past couple of days have been in the 70s amd 80s temperature wise.

Either way, I’m happy to see these flowers.


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One thought on “Cherry Blossoms (Pt. 1)”

  1. They are beautiful, even if its a blatant example of global warming run amuck. Regardless, let us all enjoy the beauty of nature, and the great photo opportunities…

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