I recently had the pleasure of visiting the New York Public Library (you know, the one with the lions… was in Ghost Busters, I think?) with my brother. We ate lunch out front where the steps are (there were tons and tons of people out enjoying the weather) before taking a look inside.

We were pleasently surprised when they let us go almost wherever we wanted and allowed us (mostly me with my brother’s iphone– I really need to get one of those…) to take pictures provided we kept the flash off.

There were tons of people with their camera– so many in fact, we kept getting in the way of each other’s shots!

On the third floor (the one with the paintings, near the laptop loan) there was an interesting statue of a young girl. I’m not exactly sure who the artist who made it was– the name sounded Russian– but it got my attention.

Does anyone by chance know what it is called or by whom it was made?


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One thought on “Library”

  1. Try as I might, everyone seems more interested in the lions out front than the statues inside. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun though…

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