Days of Old

A strange thought crossed my mind today while I was waiting for the bus. It was miserable weather today; rainy and cold. All I wanted to do was go someplace warm that served tea. That made me think back on the tea serving lessons I received while working for the resturant.

This lead me to think of a co-worker to whom I was close to. She was always so energetic and outgoing, just a pleasure to be around. We were always so silly, especially the hour before the resturant opened to the public. I remember the summer / early fall when we would often go to the adjoining supermarket to get sweets ((our boss often gave us money & a list to buy snacks for everyone)) Once, we spent almost a whole half hour picking out what sort of shaved ice (かき氷) flavors and toppings we wanted. Another time, we got fresh filled cream puffs for everyone. Most times we were sent to buy “juice.”

I have to admit, since she moved back overseas, I really do miss her a lot. The above pictured fan was a birthday gift from her. The fan saw a lot of use this past summer, when it was so hot and a lot of people I knew / places I frequented were also trying to support Japan by not taking advantage of electricity. It made waits for the train in my then-job’s uniform bareible.

Whenever I look at this fan, I will remember the sweet girl who gave it to me & the happier days working at that resturant. To her, I want to write this:

I really enjoyed those 2 years working with you. You helped me learn so much and I don’t think I ever said thank you properly enough. I really miss you.  I hope you all the happiness in the world.



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2 thoughts on “Days of Old”

  1. Ah, I seem to recall a few fun stories you had about your time at the restaurant. I don’t suppose you’ve tried getting back in touch with said person? This whole social media thing is good for things like that…

    1. Facebooked a few times but never really stayed connected. Sent a few emails but she changes her address a lot & her primary is a phone address (can’t be accessed by foreigners) What I need is a Mixi account…

      Time to make a new address!!

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