256 of 365

It feels like I should say, “it’s been a long time,” even though it really hasn’t.

 As I said in my earlier post, I’ve been practically living at work (how do the salarymen do it?!) in one form or another. Rather than complain the oh-so-fun doubles I’ve been pulling,  I want to talk about how slow it’s been.

Needless to say, it’s been pretty slow in my corner of the retail market. Where is everyone, I often find myself wondering. I mean, I understand the economy is utter crap right now and that no one wants to part with their cash (trust me, I understand this one well) but that doesn’t usually stop those who shop regularly at the high-end stores like N**str*m or Ne*ma* Mar*us. Also, even if said people aren’t looking to buy a new (unnecessary item) or a  new (useless item), they usually spend the day looking around, but there’s literally been NO ONE in for hours on end. ((I spent the day doing paperwork, sending packages, and reorganizing protocols))

But I did notice, when I went to the supermarket after work (tonight luckily I didn’t have a double) that there were tons and tons of people mulling about. The lines to check out were god-awfully long and every aisle had decent foot traffic. I know that food (and the like) trumps luxury goods, but since I started working retail I really began to wonder if other people knew the same thing– heaven knows I’ve seen enough questionable choices (ie purchases) made in my line of work.

Though, now that I think about it, it might just have been the 99 cents a pound chicken they were selling.  That certainly helped convince me to open my wallet…

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