242 of 365

 Today, I thought to go in a different direction than my usual work and instead focus on the sky. This afternoon, the sky was truly a beautiful blue and filled with these thin, soft looking clouds.

Whenever I see these kinds of clouds, I think “bathwater clouds,” so named because of their resembalance to the suds left over after all the bubbles have faded from a bath. That kind that floats on the top of the water, not really bubbles but not just soapy water either. Does anyone know what I mean?

These particular shots were taken while riding in the passenger’s side of my brother’s car. If I were to give a location, I would say Eastchester or somewhere near by. Maybe Tuckahoe? I’m not entirely sure where we were exactly other than Central Avenue (Rt. 100) by the diner on the hill.

Location: Rt. 100, approx. Eastchester or Tuckahoe
Weather: Warm, sunny, with a slight breeze

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