241 of 365

With the amount of sun today, the plant life was absolutely glowing! White Plains is known as the city of parks, so it’s only natural that the city be home to massive mounts of greenery and flowers.

This first photo was taken in a small park near where I work. It’s a great place to eat lunch or take a break and a usual haunting ground for me as a photographer. In the spring, the park is filled with cherry blossoms & dogwood. It used to be the location of the annual cherry blossom festival (sakura matsuri) before the festival was moved to it’s current venue on Lake St.


 Next are these flowers, also taken in the park mentioned above. I’m not sure exactly what these are called, but they are very pretty. The soft whites, blues, and purples contrast well with the green stems and leaves. They seem to bloom primarily in late spring and stay around until mid-September, if I remember right.

Soon, the park will be filled with falling leaves. I hope to capture the colors well when that time comes. Until then, it is likely I will post a lot of flower shots, since that has always been one of my favorite subjects, as anyone who follows my regular work can tell.



These lavender flowers are actually part of an arrangement placed on a pedestirian island between South Broadway and Harmon. It’s a stones throw away from the park mentioned before and is also on my way to work. These plants are arranged in a huge basket which is adorned with different flower types each spring.

The basket it’s self is about 1.5m by 1.5m and stands at about 3m tall. It really is quite big for something that will be in the middle of the street.

Location: White Plains, New York
Weather: Mild, Sunny

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