240 of 365

About a block or so away from the side entrance of the train station is a tall fence with this tree behind it. I loved the way the light hit the leaves of the tree and lighting on the fence. Where there is light on the tree, the fence is in shadows, while beneath the shadows of the tree the fence seems nothing more than white highlights. The building provides a nice backdrop, I think.

Next is a shot taken several meters away, heading away from the station. I thought the angles interesting. I placed my phone on the ledge and tried to keep things level as I could. I like the blues and greys in this one. It’s amazing how different the feeling between the two!

 In the above image, there is a warmer feeling while here, the shade gives a slighter cooler feeling. An interesting thing to note is that this fence/wall is in fact slightly curved.

And finally, if you continue towards those large buildings (as seen in image 2)and past image 1’s tree, you will arrive at the intersection seen in image 3. I think this is Main and Bank St.s respectively. This is close to the entrance to White Plains proper.
 When taking this shot, I was pleasantly surprised that there was so little traffic. A few blocks away, going under the train overpass and towards Central Ave, it was the complete opposite– cars sitting in gridlock.

Artistically, this shot appeals to me mostly because of the colors in the building. The black gives way to a gradient of blues. Those meet with lush greens who stand against a warm grey. The signposts bother me though, but I think that’s more of a personal pet peeve than anything else. It would look fake or “off” without them.

Location: White Plains, New York
Weather: Mild, Mostly sunny


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