Evening Stroll


I’ve been feeling the need to change things up a bit lately. For a while my days have been following the same boring routine: get up, get ready for work, go to work, drag myself home, watch YouTube until its time to go to sleep, repeat. The only changechange to my schedule has occurred while being sick for two weeks, but that was because it was too much to do anything but sleep and cough.

The cold this winter had all but erased my motivation to do anything like going somewhere or push myself to get errands done. However, now that its getting a little warmer out and I don’t feel like death, I’m going to try and change it up by going out more.

I put a little extra this month on my MetroCard, so I can take advantage if the free transfers to get where I want to go.

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Throwback Tuesday 006

keitai no sunset


There’s something nice about having the sun go down later and later, after a long winter spent in darkness. The sun may set around 6 or 7 right now, but it’s heartening to know that there will be days were the sun won’t set until 9. I look forward to those days.

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Is Spring Really Here?



So, spring has arrived, according to the calendar.¬†Personally, I’m not so sure…

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Throwback Tuesday 005


I found some pictures from my 2012 trip to Japan, while cleaning up my hard-drive. They brought back a lot of good memories of my time there. I stayed for 2 weeks, with one week spent in Yamanashi preficture, a few days spent in Tachikawa, and a few days spent in Ikebukuro.


A good portion of my trip was spent with friends and/or getting lost, sometimes at the same time. I’ve never had much of a sense of direction, but I figure exploration is half the fun.


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Meet Channel


This little Cutie’s become one of my best buddies over the last two months or so. She belongs to a friend’s cousin and is one of the sweetest critters I have ever met.

Usually, I’m not overly fond of dogs, but Channel is an exception. Normally, dogs have way too much energy for my tastes. Also, I’m told that my personality’s more like a stray cat’s, doing what I will when I will. Brother suggests that may also be a reason I dislike most dogs.

That isn’t to say I wish I’ll on any animal…

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Like Music


It’s been a very long time since I played the piano. I have a keyboard at home, but I rarely every use the thing and I certainly never practice anymore.

When I was younger, my mother taught me the keys and encouraged me to play around with the instrument. She grew up with a lot of music and wanted to share that love with me. For the most part, that was done through listening to old records or the radio, but I remember my mother’s then-boyfriend buying her a keyboard when I was 12.

Neither of us can read music, yet my mom is really good at listening to a song and figuring out how to play it. I’m not that good and probably will never be. She used to figure out how to play the songs I liked and write the notes down with letters and arrows so I could play them. The first song she taught me was Memory from Cats.

I have a student who is a huge handful. This young man is known for fighting with staff and students alike. He is also known to come from a less than ideal home situation. However, we have recently found his passion: music.

It started when we had a dance group visit us. I’d never seen such a look of awe on a child’s face before. He was silent the entire time they were with us. When he turned to me and my boss and simply said, “I like that,” it was like he was an entirely different child– like we were seeing the real him for the first time.

In the coming weeks, he has mentioned liking music to me from time to time, so I asked him if he would like to learn how to play a few simple songs on the piano. Mind, these lessons only occur after class is over and only if he has been good. The first thing I showed him was what each key was. Then, I taught him “Hot Cross Buns,” which I remember from when my class was learning to play the recorder when I was in 3rd grade. The amount of focus he put into learning the notes– B.A.G… B.A.G… BBBBAAAA…B.A.G— was intense. I hope that our little system helps him in some small way.

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Throwback Tuesday 004


When I was younger, I wanted to move to White Plains. I thought it was the height of sophistication, for some reason. I can admit that it is a beautiful city, especially in the spring and fall, but the allure has diminished somewhat as I’ve gotten older.


To me, White Plains was what New York City is to non-New Yorkers. ¬†It’s the total opposite of my hometown: Yonkers. There are buildings taller than eight stories and a lot of things stay open later than 7pm. There’s a lot of shopping and almost always people on the street. People leave Yonkers to go to work, while people go to White Plains for work.


Also, I’ve always been a sucker for the reflective windows on most office buildings.


Over the years of taking multiple jobs in White Plains, I’ve gotten a little bored with the place. I still enjoy going there from time to time, but my level of obsession (especially that of living there) has died down. Now I see it mostly as a glittering shopping center– there are over 3 major malls within a 2 mile radius– surrounded by private houses and a crap hospital.


Also, the rent is really high…

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