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Red Hot Mamachari


After a lot of talking with my coworkers, I broke down and bought a bike. Since my job covers my travel expenses to and from work, I never really thought I NEEDED one. That, combined with the insanely hot weather, kept me from even thinking about it too seriously.

However, a coworker suggested a place where I could buy one cheaply and they would take care of the paperwork for me. You see, here in Japan, you have to register a bike the same as you would a car. If you are stopped on the road and can not prove that you are the legal owner of that bike, you can be arrested and slapped with a fine.

So, now I am the somewhat-proud owner of an apple red mamachari. What is a mamachari, you ask? It’s the nickname for the type of bike I bought, which is clunky as hell, has plenty of storage for groceries and the like, has no gears, and a kick stand that keeps the bike upright while parked. Did I mention that the thing weighs almost as much as me?

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Beluga Blue


There is just something too cute about Beluga Whales. I’m not sure if it’s because of their derpy faces due those weird head-air-liver-things or the fact that they are so damn friendly, but they have become one of my favorite animals.


When I went to the Aquarium, I spent about an hour in front of the Beluga enclosure. They loved to brush up against the glass between us and them. They did tricks for us, like swimming upside down and blowing bubbles. The also seemed to love have pictures taken, since they would flock around people with cameras and phones.


Next time I visit, I will bring a better camera.

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Are jellyfish really made out of jelly? If so, what kind? Mint? Apple?


When I was a kid, I did think that they really were. I thought that if you managed to catch one at the beach, you could just pick up one and eat it. While, I have heard that jellyfish are eaten in some places, I don’t think I want to eat one any time soon.


That doesn’t mean that I dislike watching them, because they are really frigging awesome. They are just too cool!


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Summer is Almost Over


I’m trying to prolong summer for as long as I can by spening more time hanging out on my balcony or at outdoor cafes. According to the calendar, fall starts on the twenty third this year. It’s a bank holiday here, so I will get the day off, but soon after that, our summer uniforms will be shoved in the closet. Around October first, we’ll be expected to arrive in full suits. I hate wearing suits.