One of those Days

2016-04-29 13.50.13

So, at work today, I am working on what should be a very simple project. My task is cloning files and updating the new copies. Then, I’m supposed to move on to the next one.

That isn’t how it’s been working though. I cloned the files just fine, but this morning we found that there was extra data in them that needed to be taken out. Now, to do this, I’m supposed to add an end date to that data. However, these files were created incorrectly, so when I edit data in the clone, it affects the original file. That’s really bad.

So we had a meeting and figured out away around this problem. So, I started implimenting it.

Then I noticed another issue: everything I fix in the original file now affects the new item by creating new corrupt data. It’s a circle jerky of almost epic proportions. I’m currently eating my Kix cereal, waiting for my boss to get back to me on what to do next.

Moving Along

2016-04-27 18.28.24

So, I’m moving overseas in early June. I never realized how much needed to be sorted out when you leave your birthplace and go half way across the globe. I need to get my finances settled, a visa done, a few medical things taken care of, and friends to exchange contact info with. To get that all done by the time my backside is supposed to be strapped into my airplane seat (with my tray upright, thank you very much), I gave in my two weeks notice.

I was really nervous at first, since I’m working via a contract that is very vague. I was originally hired for just a month, but when that month ended and I wasn’t told to get out, my boss said that my contract has been extended… though for god knows how long. Having gone through two additional bosses, a staff overhaul in both the HR and Accounting departments, and an ever shrinking department, no one seems to know what the deal is except that I am still a temp.

But anyway, I gave my notice to my current supervisor  (I thought it was someone else for the last three months, whoops!) and will finish up a little before my mom’s birthday next month. I can then use the rest of my time in New York to prepare for my life in Japan.

Purple is a Noble Colour

2016-04-10 10.35.51

It looks like tomorrow’s going to be an important day for me. After work, I’m scheduled to meet someone kind of important.

2016-04-10 10.36.57

I’m nervous as all hell, even though everyone’s telling that I’ll do just fine. I want to believe them, but I am a worrier by nature.

2016-04-10 10.38.58

Everyone, if you could keep your fingers crossed, I would be forever grateful.


2016-04-10 10.40.22

This weekend’s been rather nice. I’ve caught up on my sleep, enjoyed a couple of good meals, and spent a day exploring the city.

While Saturday’s weather was a bit cold and damp, Sunday was absolutely beautiful.  According to the forecasts, the temperatures were supposed to top out at around 43° F, but Sunday afternoon actually made to 50°.

2016-04-10 10.40.53

I saw a few friends to celebrate another birthday, then went to a local restaurant for some sushi. At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to eat. It’s been a while since I last had sushi, so I thought I might go with my favorites: yellowtail and salmon.

On the way back, we cut through Briant Park. It was filled with tons of flowers. It was awesome!

The Ole’ College Try

2016-03-30 17.23.57

So, today I put in an application for a job overseas…

After a lot of thinking, and a lot of stress, I finished my introductory essay, updated and polished my resume, and sent in the application. I hope to get a call back soon.

From what I’ve read, if they like what they’ve read, I will get a phone call. Then, a Skype interview. Then, a real interview. Then, maybe a second interview  (day after the first) and a job offer.

After that, I get my things together and start working on my visa, which takes between 2 and 6 months. Once my affairs are in order, I catch a plane and spend (at minimum) the next year in another country.