Neo Retro

I’ve been on a nostalgia kick recently. I’ve been watching old shows, looking at old pictures, and listening to my favorite music from my high school years. I know it probably won’t help things long term, but it’s been helping make the mornings a bit better. It’s usually once I get out of the house that I become more like myself.


Out of Sorts

This week started off on a weird note.

Last week was a student couseling week, so the majority of classes were canceled. Private lessons and special lessons were the only things going on outside of counseling, so my shifts were really light. Since my current school didn’t have me involved in the actual counselings, I had little to do besides supplying other teachers with info. For two days, I was at the office, helping with miscellaneous projects or preparing for this week. One day I was at a school as support staff.

Now this week, it’s back to business as usual, but I feel the same sort of detachment as whenever I come back from vacation. Yesterday was particularly difficult since I woke up in a very strange mood. I couldn’t put my finger on why, but I felt seriously bummed out.

Today was a bit better. My coworker went out of her way to make me laugh, which really improved my mood. I’m hoping tomorrow turns out to be a good one too.

Classic Car Fair

Yesterday, my neighborhood had a classic car show at a local park.

I went to the park for some fresh air, since the weather was so nice, having no idea the event was going on.

There were many cars from the early 70s, all the way back to the early 1900s. The supet old ones were my favorites.

The kicker was that they were all in working order. The owners of these cars actually drove them to the park for display.

A lot of people came out too. People were taking pictures, talking to the owners about car history, and a couple of people were actually painting pictures of the cars.

I’m glad I stumbled upon the event. I’m not all that interested in automobiles, but I still had a good time.

Also, I really want this car:

Sleeping Doggo

On our way to the Skytree, we came across an interesting reststop. At the corner of two rows of building, someone converted the tiny triangle of space into a vending machine corner, with a bin for garbage, a mirror for freshing up at, and a windowed alchove for their dog.

The drinks were all very cheap, costing on average around ¥100, so V and I stopped for a bit. We drank our tea while watching the cute dog nap. Not once did an eye open.

Once we were done, we binned out bottles, and wiped ourselves down with some handy wipes scented like lemons and mint. Then we headed back out into the heat towards the Tokyo Skytree.

A Return to Cafe Calico

A trip to Tokyo is incomplete without a stop at Cafe Calico in Shinjuku. The cafe is a short ten minute walk from Shinjuku’s East exit. The fee is cheaper than most pet cafes and the staff there (both human and feline) are really friendly. Some of the staff also speak basic English if that’s a concern.