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Anjo under Snow


During last weekend’s snow storm, I was working in Anjo, Aichi. It’s one of the places that got hit pretty hard. I got out of work around 8:20 and the snow was always starting to pile up.


Not many people were out and about, save for a few people trying to get home. Thankfully, the station in only a two minute walk from work, so I didn’t have to trek far.


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The First Snowfall


Nagoya saw its first big snowfall last weekend. The storm hit Aichi, Gifu, and Mie, dropping up to 15 cm of snow in some places.


The snow started around 10 am, around the time I had to head into work. It got heavier as the day went on.



The trains were delayed about 45 minutes and by the time I got home, it was a bit late. Also, the walk home from the station was pretty slippery.


I world say Nakamura Kuyakusho (my neighbourhood) got about 8 cm (just over 4 in). Luck for us, it’s almost completely melted.


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Sakae at Night


During the holidays, Nagoya TV Tower hosted a special event showcasing the city-scape at night. It was with a special light show by a famous FX group called Naked.


The entry price was a little more expensive than the usual entrance fee, being 1000 yen instead of 700 yen, but it was well worth it.


The light show was pretty cool, but nothing compared to the city lights below. The indoor viewing deck shows a 360 degree view of the city. It is also 90 metres above street level.


From the deck, you can see Central Park, Oasis 21, the Sakae shopping district, Hisaya Oodori, and the famous Ferris Wheel. During the day, you can also go to the open air observation deck, above the enclosed one. It’s fenced in, and quite chilly on a windy day, but a whole 100 metres above street level. Unfortunately, during events such as these, that deck is closed to visitors.



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Oasis 21


oasis21_01Oasis 21 is an interesting spot in the Sakae area of Nagoya. It’s surrounded by shopping, restaurants, and parks. This is the Spaceship-Aqua portion of the structure. It’s completely free to visit and very close to the Nagoya TV Tower (another famous Nagoya landmark).


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It’s my first day back at work after a long holiday. Today, I’ll be returning to a school I haven’t taught at for months. Before, I only worked there on weekends, but now I’ll be there three days a week. I’ll also be in the office one day a week and will continue in Anjo on Saturdays. It looks like I’ll be running about for the rest of January, at least.

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Art at the Science Museum


Right now, theres a cool exhibit at the local science museum, using projection mapping and LED lights. My friend and I have been meaning to go but have only gotten around to it recently. The admission is ¥1400 and grants access to the exhibit and most of the rest of the museum (sans Ice Room and Planetarium).