Cold Spring

2015-11-21 21.53.55

Today, mama and I took a day trip to a tiny village up North, called Cold Spring. It’s known as a historic sitemail and has a ton of old buildings.

The travel took some time, mostly because we had to transfer at Croton Harmon. You see, the train tracks north of Croton Harmon are not electrified, like the rest of them are. To kill time between trains,  we had a walk around, but there really wasn’t anything interesting. It was like an airport for trains: in the middle of nowhere.

We got to Cold Spring around 4 pm and immediately began to explore. We saw signs for a barn sale, so we went there first. Mama bought me the prettiest little tea pot.

2015-11-21 21.54.51

Afterwards, we had a look around the town. A lot of shops were either antique shops or cafés. There were a few restaurants here and there too. The majority of Cold Spring is residential.

Another thing I noticed was an abundance of college students and young adults looking around. It seems a popular place to take a day trip, though I heard that there are also several bed and breakfast establishments as well. The village had a quaint feel to it that invites tourists.

2015-11-21 21.55.38

Once it started to get dark, mama and I found someplace to eat dinner. She had something called a waffle chicken and I had a big salad. The restaurant was really nice inside.

Around that time it started to get a bit cold, not helped by the fact that we were close to the water.

Mama and I will likely go back there once it gets warmer. We will also try to get there earlier next time too.


Light up that Tree

2015-11-20 13.52.16

Tonight, mama and I have plans to go to our town’s Christmas tree lighting. I will be leaving work a little early  (taking a shorter lunch) and altering my commute a little, to meet her. The advertisement mentioned a parade, fireworks, and a spectacular tree lighting. I just care about the fireworks.


2015-11-13 17.55.24

This morning, a train broke down on the track ahead of us, so we were rerouted to another station. That caused our normally local train to skip several stops, including the one near my office. However, this route took us under the currently-in-construction Tappan Zee bridge, which was insanely cool! We were dropped off at the station just after it and told to take the next South-bound train to our respective places of employment.

Expanding like Cabbage

2015-11-12 18.05.14

I decided to do something different tonight, instead of just heading home straight after work. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I’ve been feeling a little down lately, and I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons is that I don’t do much outside of work, go home, and do something minor onthe weekends. So, I’m taking a trip to White Plains.

I checked online during lunch for a bus that could take me from work to White Plains. I found two. So I am on said bus as I write this post.

Falling Down

2015-11-05 17.15.34

I’ve been really busy at work this week. From what I’ve heard through the grapevine, there have been a lot of issues with what is being entered by us in HQ and what is showing up in the stores. Because of this, our team has been combing through everything entered in the past three months, checking for errors and incompatible entries. That means long hours and excel files containing thousands of entries.

We were able to sort out some of it, but we’re coming up on “hell week” soon, so we’re all a little concerned. “Hell week” is the week each month where we prep the system for the next month’s changes/adjustments. My job is to enter the data, compiled by my coworkers, to be checked against other data by our boss. One coworker gets the data from our Top HQ overseas, while another formats it in comprehensive spreadsheets for me to rifle through. I enter the numbers into the computer and check them against what is already in there. If the number being entered is equal to or greater than what is already entered, I have to meet with my coworkers to figure out why that is and what it should be. Once done, our boss checks for system flags against data he was given and makes sure all the computers in other branches of our company are displaying these updates.

It rarely goes so smoothly.

2015-11-05 17.14.26

With that said, these recent complications are going to make “hell week” all the more interesting. That, coupled with the holiday season starting in a few weeks, will really keep us on our toes. It won’t be pleasant, but it’s steady work and a steady paycheck.