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The Home Stretch

2016-05-21 20.19.13

I finally received the last of the paperwork necessary for a Visa from Japan this morning. I set my alarm for the early, so I could run to the post office to pick up my papers, and still have time to go down to the city. Since I don’t have a working printer at home, I needed to finish my application and make the appropriate copies at a FedEx center close to Grand Central. Now, I’m at the consulate, waiting to submit my application. I only hope that they get to my number before the window closes.

After I am done here, I will stop by book off to sell some of my old video games, so I have a bit more cash to play around with. Then I will grab something to eat, since I still haven’t eaten today (I did have an ice tea once I got back from the post office).

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2016-05-18 22.52.16

Mom and I went for a walk by the Bronx River recently. She wanted to see some of the local places I like to photograph, before I go, so I showed her a couple of places that are easy for her to get to without having to drive.

While we were there, we met some geese, who were enjoying the nature walk with their little one. Some were skittish, but the majority seemed used to humans, and we’re quite friendly. This guy was really friendly.

He came right up to us, while my mom took a few pictures of the river. His head came up to my hip, when he stood up straight. He also didn’t mind being petted, though he seemed a little disappointed that I didn’t have any food on me. We spent a few minutes standing together, in a row and gazing at the river, before he walked calmly into the water for a swim.

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2016-04-29 09.14.44

This is my last week at my current job, so I started cleaning my workspace and computer hard drive up a bit. I got rid of old documents, nearly a pound of post-it notes, any anything that I wouldn’t absolutely need in the coming days. I also deleted a ton of old files, dating back to when I first started. I logged out of accounts I no longer regularly use. I set my settings back to their defaults. Bit by bit, I’m erasing my existence from there…

It feels unsettling.

I started working there late last July, after my work at the school wrapped up. It was supposed to only last a month, as per my original contract. At the end of that month, my contract was extended, even after all of the other temps were let go. If I stayed a few more months, I would have made a year…

But there was no security, so I started looking elsewhere. I wanted to find something before they could tell me that I was being let go. I misread the situation entirely…

They were going to make me permanent…

Around the same time I gave my notice.

So now, I am erasing 10 months of my life, and I don’t know how to feel about it.

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One of those Days

2016-04-29 13.50.13

So, at work today, I am working on what should be a very simple project. My task is cloning files and updating the new copies. Then, I’m supposed to move on to the next one.

That isn’t how it’s been working though. I cloned the files just fine, but this morning we found that there was extra data in them that needed to be taken out. Now, to do this, I’m supposed to add an end date to that data. However, these files were created incorrectly, so when I edit data in the clone, it affects the original file. That’s really bad.

So we had a meeting and figured out away around this problem. So, I started implimenting it.

Then I noticed another issue: everything I fix in the original file now affects the new item by creating new corrupt data. It’s a circle jerky of almost epic proportions. I’m currently eating my Kix cereal, waiting for my boss to get back to me on what to do next.

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Moving Along

2016-04-27 18.28.24

So, I’m moving overseas in early June. I never realized how much needed to be sorted out when you leave your birthplace and go half way across the globe. I need to get my finances settled, a visa done, a few medical things taken care of, and friends to exchange contact info with. To get that all done by the time my backside is supposed to be strapped into my airplane seat (with my tray upright, thank you very much), I gave in my two weeks notice.

I was really nervous at first, since I’m working via a contract that is very vague. I was originally hired for just a month, but when that month ended and I wasn’t told to get out, my boss said that my contract has been extended… though for god knows how long. Having gone through two additional bosses, a staff overhaul in both the HR and Accounting departments, and an ever shrinking department, no one seems to know what the deal is except that I am still a temp.

But anyway, I gave my notice to my current supervisor  (I thought it was someone else for the last three months, whoops!) and will finish up a little before my mom’s birthday next month. I can then use the rest of my time in New York to prepare for my life in Japan.