2016-02-05 17.06.42

I see this bicycle every morning on my way to work. I have no idea who it belongs to and am frankly surprised to still see it chained there day and night. It’s illegal to chain a bike up at any property belonging to the MTA, so I’m always expecting to see the chain cut and the bike gone.

Winter’s Embrace

2016-02-05 07.34.19

This morning we’rein the midst of amother snowfall. Forecasts call for 3 to 6 inches. Schools are on a 2 hour delay, while most public transportation seems to be running on a “whenever we get there, we get there” basis. I’m following their lead.

2016-02-05 07.33.34

When I woke up, I was dreading the commute, but once I got out here I found it to be not all that bad really. It’s actually rather pretty and not very cold.

2016-02-05 07.32.42

As I write this, I’m on the bus, passing the school where I used to work. Across the street, there are a lit of trees with snow covered branches. The contrast is beautiful.

Moving Up

2016-01-31 13.47.50

I’ve always thought spiral staircases were so cool. In the cartoons, they always lead to something mysterious, like a scientist’s secret lab or to a hidden library overflowing with books. This one here isn’t so magical, however. It simply leads to a storage space filled with office supplies.

Icy Windows

2016-01-25 19.33.11

For those of you not in the know, or not living along the northern coast, New York was hit with a doozy of a snow storm this weekend. From what I have heard on the radio, it is one of the biggest storms our state has ever seen!

The snow started falling early Saturday morning and continued into the evening. For the most part, we stayed indoors, but I couldn’t resist going downstairs for a bit to watch the snow.

2016-01-25 19.32.24

Frozen in Time

2016-01-21 14.50.24

The forecasts call for a hell of a snow storm this weekend, which I am not looking forward towards. Since the new year, the weather’s been fluctuating between being decent-for-January and will-I-ever-feel-my-toes-again. We’ve had a little bit of snow, but nothing lasting. Who knows what this weekend will bring…


2016-01-05 17.42.26

I’m having trouble getting back into the swing of things this year. The holidays weren’t anything particularly exciting or memorable  (save for various discontented cat noises), so I’m at a lost as to why.

Everyone around me seems so pumped for the new year. Everyone has so much more energy than I do. I know I have no reason o be this way, but all I want to do is sleep or watch YouTube. Is this a case of the January blues?

A frightful wind

2016-01-05 17.45.58

Today was a terribly cold day. This morning the temperature was a balmy 18° F, with a windchill factor of -2° F! That’s the coldest we’ve been in a long time.

We were spoiled until now with all the nice weather we had. In December the temperature never fell below 25° F. Most days it was actually above 50°.

The forecasts call for a cool start of the week (though not as bad as this morning), a pleasant middle/weekend,  followed by another cold spell next week. However, that is to be expected in January, I suppose.