I’m still hungry…

16 Apr


My lunch of seasoned rice, smoked salmon with black pepper, umeboshi, and salad greens. I thought this would hold me over for at least a little while, but I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Next time, I’ll make a bigger lunch.


14 Apr


For those of the Christian faith, you already know that yesterday was Palm Sunday.  Even though the majority of my family is not of said faith, I am happy to support all religions so long as those practicing (that I am talking/interacting with) do not see to harm or deem others using religion.  My family has root is many, many faiths and have always taught of tolerance.

Yesterday, a customer with whom I’m friendly with, brought me palms at work. I know that his faith plays a big factor in his life and since he is such a cool guy, like talking about it with him, it means a lot to me that he thought so highly of me to gift me them. It’s like when people say, “god bless,” to me. While I may not pray to the same god, it is the intend behind the words (I wish you happiness, health, and well-being) that I can appreciate.  I know that there are many instances where such words can be seen as offensive or intrusive.

Instead, my customer’s act made me happy. Even though I don’t know much about the meaning of these palms (I just know that they’re important and mean that Easter is a week away), with these palms he said to me, “Here, I value your existence and hope good things come to you. Because you are at work and unable to go to a religious institution to find peace, I will share with you a part of mine. This faith gives me peace and strength, I hope this can give some to you too.”

That makes me happy.

What Remains

13 Apr


The weather has improved greatly, but there are still some remnants of winter hidden away from here and there. While on a walk with brother, we came across this.

A Very Light Lunch

10 Apr


Umeboshi (pickled plums) and edamame (boiled soybeans) for a healthy mid-day snack. Edamame have a lot of protein, carbs, fiber, and nutrients. Umeboshi are supposedly good for the stomach and are believed to help prevent fatigue.


A Pocketful of Coins

3 Apr


Once more I empty out the contents of my pockets to show to you. This time, it’s a dollar sixty six in coins and some lint. Unfortunately I had a bit of trouble finding the lint’s best angle and to not include it in the shot. That and it was a bit of a diva…

Tuna Rolls for Lunch

28 Mar


Treated myself to a nice lunch again yesterday. The last few weeks have been really stressful with exams and projects. The next two weeks are going to be even worse. So whenever I can, I try to do something small but nice to decompress. Yesterday it was some sushi. Today it will probably be a slightly longer than usual shower. Tomorrow, well tomorrow is tomorrow so… we all know I’m a bit of a procrastinator…

Welcome to Glenview

25 Mar


Also known as the John Bond Trevor House, construction began in 1876 and ended in 1877. It was designed by Charles W. Clinton. In 1919, after being vacant for some time, it was made into a museum.  In 1967, the rest of the Hudson River Museum was built around the Glenview and restoration on the building began. The building became a historical treasure in 1972.


Inside the formal sitting room, the lady of the house prepares the afternoon tea for her guests. In this room, the rug extends to the entrance of the room, where viewers can stand to take in the room’s details from behind a gold cord. Brother and I were really hesitant to step on it.


A dining room ready to serve a large group of guests. There is a spot in the floor where the wood caves in a little, as if from years of someone standing there. It is from where I took this photo. Brother and I wondered if that was where the Butler stood.



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